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Stainless steel plate processing

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On December 10, 2020, the 6m full CNC plate shearing and bending machine ordered by our company was delivered to * * * * our plant. After 2 days of unremitting efforts by the manufacturer's technicians and our employees, the installation was completed in * * * *. Compared with the old stainless steel plate shears, the stainless steel plate shears have many advantages, such as high degree of automation, high machining precision and high production efficiency. It is used to replace most of our old plate cutting equipment.

****Our company has the following equipment:

2 stainless steel laser cutting machines (processing thickness 0.1 ~ 30mm,)

One three-dimensional laser cutting machine for steel pipe (processing diameter 10-273mm)

2 sets of stainless steel water jet cutting machines (processing thickness 5-60mm)

3 stainless steel plate shears (processing thickness 0.3-14mm, processing length 13m)

2 stainless steel plate bending machines (processing thickness 0.3-14mm, processing length 13m)

2 stainless steel plate embossing machines / embossing machines (processing thickness 0.5-18mm)

2 sets of stainless steel submerged arc welding machines (welds are flat and beautiful without joints)

There are 2 CNC sawing machines, 8K mirror polishing machine, wire drawing machine, rounding, punching steel pipe laser processing machine and dozens of small equipment.

Can provide customers with a variety of processing services!