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Corrosion and high temperature resistant 310S stainless steel plate

Published on: April 17, 2021 Views:

The warehouse for stacking 310S stainless steel plates can be divided into WIP warehouse and product warehouse. The products in process include stainless steel plates to be finished, stainless steel plates in finishing, stainless steel plates waiting for physical and chemical inspection results after finishing, and unplanned stainless steel plates not produced according to the order contract.

The stacking methods of 310S stainless steel plate of WIP are as follows:

1) Stainless steel plates of the same heat number shall be stacked together so that the whole furnace or batch of stainless steel plates can be finished together without disturbing the processing technology process of stainless steel plates. In addition, mixing and discarding can be avoided.

2) Stainless steel plates under the same order contract shall be placed together so as to organize production according to the contract.

The stacking methods of stainless steel plates of products are as follows:

1) Separate and stack according to the section of stainless steel plate regardless of steel type;

2) Separate and pile up according to steel grade regardless of stainless steel plate section;

3) Pile up according to the purchase contract;

4) Stack according to the heat number (batch number) of stainless steel plate.

For various reasons, the above stacking methods are not used alone, but cooperate with each other according to the specific conditions of production.

When starting from the viewpoint of safe production, the following matters shall be paid attention to for the accumulation of stainless steel plates:

1) When stacking stainless steel plates, it is necessary to make the symbolic end of the stainless steel plate face one side in order to find the required stainless steel plate.

2) The stacking height shall meet the requirements of safety technical regulations and rules. The stacking position shall be more than 2m away from the railway or highway. It is necessary to leave a passage not less than 1m between each pile.

3) When stacking stainless steel plates, it is necessary to have sizing blocks or material racks to prevent the stainless steel plates from sinking and tilting.