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310S processing of stainless steel plate

Published on: April 17, 2021 Views:

310S stainless steel plate is widely used, with excellent corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, ultra-low temperature compressive strength and mechanical equipment characteristics; The stamping die has strong thermal workability such as bending, without quenching and tempering treatment and hard bottom. When spraying the surface of 310S stainless steel plate, we must pay attention to some key points. Doing well in the key points can do well in the painting process to obtain 310S stainless steel plate with excellent quality. So what are the common problems when spraying 310S stainless steel plate?

****The key point is the basic solution. If the paint layer is expected to be firm from beginning to end in the whole process of application, the metal surface of 310S stainless steel plate must be cleaned first. The solution can be to remove the original residual paint with NC blade, polish the surface of 310S stainless steel plate with sandpaper, or * * * * use sand blasting to clean the surface of 310S stainless steel plate, and then carry out roughening, so as to expand the total adhesion area of finish paint.

The next is to spray (brush) the finish paint. The function of the primer is not only to prevent air oxidation on the surface of 310S stainless steel plate, but also to tightly connect the paint with 310S stainless steel plate. In addition, the selection of finish paint is also key.

****After that is paint. Because the solution is mostly outdoors, it is not only specified that the paint layer has strong weather resistance, but also it is extremely difficult to select the paint with firm paint layer. Therefore, polyurethane paint can be applied. It is a two-component paint with epoxy curing agent, which does not need to be baked. At room temperature, it can be dried completely because of its epoxy curing agent.

Third, whether it is painting or painting, all this paint must be divided into 3-5 times for project construction. Each project construction can not be painted too thick. It must be painted many times after you are impatient last time. If you paint too much at one time, it is very easy to cause the "sagging" of paint on 310S stainless steel plate, which will endanger the beautiful and generous level and adhesion of 310S stainless steel plate.

However, if it is a general 310S stainless steel plate, and only part of the decoration design is colored, in order to have a long service life, you can also choose high-temperature spray paint to cooperate with abrasives. You can make baking architectural coatings on the surface decoration design of the stainless steel plate and some of them. The latter method will endanger the beauty and generosity of the surface of the 310S stainless steel plate, ****It means that the 310S stainless steel plate is not smooth, and the relative paint is easy to adhere. In this way, the general paint can be applied for a period of time.