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What are the characteristics of 304 stainless steel plate

Published on: April 17, 2021 Views:

304 stainless steel plate is frequently used in our daily life. This material can be used in food equipment, chemical equipment and, of course, atomic energy industrial equipment. But many people don't know this type of material very well. What are the characteristics of this steel plate? Next, I will give you a specific introduction.

304 stainless steel plate has many characteristics, because it will be polished in the production process just now. Only a few products, such as water heater and water dispenser, do not need polishing. It is necessary to make use of this feature in the use of industrial equipment. In addition, this type of material also has a certain corrosion resistance, which can be used in kitchen appliances, water heaters, drinking fountains, etc. many people have also taken measures to improve the corrosion resistance of this material. After the temperature rises, the material is not completely deformed and will not dissolve. The degree of corrosion can be determined by draining, washing and drying. In addition, this type of material has certain welding processing characteristics. The welding performance varies from product to product. Some tableware do not need welding performance, such as boiler enterprises, while most products require good welding performance of raw materials, such as thermos cup or steel pipe, water heater, water dispenser, etc. This type of material is added with very important metal elements, such as Ni and Cr. The addition of these metal elements can not only enhance the compressive capacity and corrosion resistance of the material, but also have strong ductility.

What are the characteristics of 304 stainless steel plate introduced above. In addition to some of the above characteristics, this material also has many properties, the surface is very beautiful, and can also rely on high temperature, generation maintenance, can resist flood and fire, especially easy to plastic processing, maintenance is also very simple and convenient, and the cleanliness is very high. The strength of this material is very high, and the possibility of using thin plate is also very large. Because this material has many characteristics, it has a wide range of applications. When selecting this material, we must take into account the scope of use. Don't make random choices, just considering the thickness, which is not a clear choice. Appropriate materials shall be selected according to the field of use and purpose.

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