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At present, 310S stainless steel plates are in stock in the two cities

Published on: April 17, 2021 Views:

"On the whole, at present, the inventory of 310S stainless steel plate in the two cities is still falling, while the output of steel mills remained stable in April. Correspondingly, high nickel iron is also at a high level, and the short-term high nickel price continues to fluctuate, with a high probability of operation. With the accelerated release of ferronickel production, the weak 310S stainless steel plate market may drag down the steel price, and the factors such as raw material price may be gradually released after the steel plant profit margin turns negative. It is expected that the price of 310S stainless steel plate in the second quarter is expected to go out of the trend downward market. It is suggested to select the machine at the high level and arrange the empty order. " Che Hongyun and Xin Weihua said.